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Malnutrition Outlook

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Anonymous 225

Normal user

8 Jun 2010, 05:03

How can we tell the community and basic staff about signs of malnutrition without telling them technical terms such as MAM,SAM, GAM,edema, MUAC, WFA, WFH, HFA, Marasmus, Kwashiorkor & M-K? It means how can we explain to the villagers that the features of the malnourished child at a first glance? Grateful if anyone can guide to the resources.

Anonymous 347

Nutrition Advisor/International Medical Corps

Normal user

9 Jun 2010, 09:48

Dear Anonymous, this is interesting. I had an experience in Sierra Leone where an indeginous language expert translated these technical terms in the local language that was widely spoken and accepted by the locals. Next we used pictures to show these features e.g oedema etc. Hope this is helpful.


Community Nutrition councellor

Normal user

14 Jun 2010, 13:52

Hi, Community can only well explain or aware reg. malnutrition in local language with simple words and with the help of pictures or visuals. ARVIND PATEL

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