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UNHCR seeks P3 Food & Nutrition Officer based in Dadaab Kenya

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6 Nov 2015, 16:22

Job Description P3 Food & Nutrition Officer based in Dadaab Kenya Job Title: Food & Nutrition Officer Location: Dadaab, Kenya Salary Grade: P3 Current Situation The UNHCR Dadaab Operation provides protection and assistance to approx. (350,073) refugees, in Fafi (127,245) and Dadaab Districts of Garissa County (222,687), located in the remote north eastern region of Kenya bordering Somalia. The UNHCR Dadaab Operation comprises a camp complex of five refugee camps namely: Hagadera (106,765), Ifo 1 (84,181), Ifo 2 (51,436), Dagahaley (87,170) and Kambioos (20,480). The profile of the registered refugee population is 95.2% Somali and 4.8% from other nationalities including: Ethiopia, Eritrea, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi and DR Congo. Female persons of concern represent 51% of the total population; and 57% of the population are children. In conjunction with the government of Kenya?s Department of Refugee Affairs (DRA) and many other International and national humanitarian agencies, UNHCR takes care and maintains assistance projects with water, shelter, healthcare, nutrition, hygiene, and food assistance through the World Food Programme (WFP). In addition UNHCR provides, inter alia, protection services: Registration, Refugee Status Determination, Resettlement, Voluntary Repatriation Assistance, Community Based Protection, Legal Assistance, Detention Monitoring, Operations Data Management, Civil Documentation and Birth Registration Advocacy, Protection Advocacy, Prevention and Response to Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV), Education and Livelihoods Support etc. The Operational context in the Dadaab Operation has witnessed new developments of lately with regard to the increased politicization and questioning by the Kenya Government of the presence of Somalia refugees in Kenya, due to the heightened national security concerns, and increased pressure on asylum space. In addition, the operation has embarked on a complex repatriation process of Somali refugees. Desirable Attributes The incumbent of the position will work under the direct supervision and guidance of the Senior Public Health Officer at Sub-Office Dadaab. S/he will be required to demonstrate strong competencies in operational leadership, coordination and management of assistance programmes, technical sectors as well as capacity building support in the Dadaab Operation. Additionally, the incumbent will be tasked to monitor and evaluate nutrition and food security programmes against UNHCR and international standards and indicators including data analysis, interpretation and monitoring of programme impact. In collaboration with WFP and partners, coordinate and provide technical support to Joint Assessment Missions (JAMs), nutrition surveys, food security assessments as well as implementation of the joint assessments (JAM) and nutrition survey recommendations. Furthermore, the Nutrition Officer will be required to mainstream the nutritional activities in line with UNHCR and international standards To this end, the incumbent will also provide guidance to UNHCR and partners on policy and methodologies to enhance service delivery at the camp level. The Nutrition Officer is required to possess significant experience in inter-agency coordination in management of complex field based operations and emergencies, good knowledge of program management and solid experience in technical field of Nutrition. Proven ability to lead and coordinate the elaboration and implementation of operational plans, assistance operational frameworks, overall operational strategies and standard operating procedures are to be clearly manifested from previous work experience. Working and Living Conditions All staff members in the Dadaab Operation reside in the office compound where a curfew is in effect during the night. Climatic conditions are harsh, and despite fumigation of the compound, insects are present in the environment. Apart from a satellite JMS medical clinic, there is no other medical back up; therefore staff assigned to Dadaab must be in good health. Evacuation opportunities are limited. Candidates with conditions requiring regular treatment or medical supervision should be appropriately advised. There are limited banking facilities at Dadaab. Internet and communications networks are available at the compound but range and bandwidth are limited. Security Considerations Dadaab is a security level 4 duty station. The security situation continues to be a challenge in SO Dadaab and the candidate needs to have undergone proper security training. Meanwhile, staff movements in the Dadaab Operation are restricted and all staff are obliged to adhere to security advisories. Staying in the office compound is regulated by a curfew in effect during the night and the requirement to answer daily radio checks. Field travel is subjected to military escorts and candidates from certain nationalities may face additional constraints in regards to their movements inside the office and the camps, which may affect the quality of their delivery. It would be advisable to check with this office prior to applying. Additional factors The position of Nutrition Officer is to enforce UNHCR and international standards related to nutrition, food aid and food security. An incumbent is expected to have competencies of a skilful leader in guiding and supporting staff, addressing various operational challenges, along with increasing security concerns. Given the stressful nature of Dadaab security situation, which remains fluid and unpredictable and its high interpersonal and communication skills demands, the incumbent will need to be able to fit easily into a complex and highly operative team of various cultural backgrounds. UNHCR being the lead agency for the refugee response in Dadaab, the role of Nutrition Officer is to represent UNHCR in meetings and fora related to the functions. S/he will be responsible for attending various Inter-Agency fora and interacting on a regular basis with national authorities and donors at the local and national levels. The incumbent will also be expected to provide regular briefings to local, national and international entities on issues related to the field of her/his expertise. It is important therefore that the incumbent possesses strong organizational skills. Duties and Qualifications Food & Nutrition Officer ORGANIZATIONAL CONTEXT Under the direct supervision of the Senior Public Health Officer, in liaising with HQs Health, HIV and Nutrition team, the incumbent is expected to provide policy and technical guidance on nutrition, training, carry out joint assessments, food security and nutrition surveys, coordinate implementation of the programme with World Food Programme (WFP) and other partner agencies, ensure standard settings and protocols, compile and provide data on nutrition situations. Within UNHCR and external parties, the incumbent will have regular contacts involving exchange of relevant information. FUNCTIONAL STATEMENT Accountability UNHCR's country operation has sufficient technical support in the field of Food and Nutrition thus better able to meet the needs of persons of concern. Responsibility - Coordinate nutrition programmes in order to ensure that minimum UNHCR and international standards are met including inter-sectoral coordination within UNHCR and with partners in all matters related to nutrition, food aid and food security. - Ensure that the WFP/UNHCR 'Memorandum of Understanding' and general policies on Food and Nutrition Programme Management are adhered to including provision of complementary foods, micronutrients, feeding programmes, etc. - Monitor and evaluate country level nutrition and food security programmes against UNHCR and international standards and indicators including data analysis, interpretaion and monitoring of programme impact. - Assess and build technical capacity of UNHCR and its partners including training and inclusion of nutrition and food security into cross cutting issues such as HIV, water/sanitation, etc. - Provide technical guidance to UNHCR and implanting partners in nutrition as well as ensure harmonization and implementation of related policies and guidelines are adhered to. - In collaboration with WFP and partners, coordinate and provide technical support to Joint Assessment Missions (JAMs), nutrition surveys, food security assessments as well as implementation of the joint assessments (JAM) and nutrition survey recommendations. - Contribute to standard setting and monitoring of nutrition and food security programme and maintains a surveillance system through health and nutrition information systems in order to monitor refugee nutrition status. - Coordinate with other UN agencies at country level and Government in order to ensure that refugees are included in national programmes and initiatives related to nutrition and food security. - Perform any other duties required by the Head of Office. Authority Enforce UNHCR and international standards related to nutrition, food aid and food security. - Represent UNHCR in meetings and fora related to the functions. ESSENTIAL MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS AND PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE REQUIRED Advanced University Degree in Nutrition. - Minimum of 6 years of relevant work experience in the field of Food and Nutrition in humanitarian situation. - Excellent knowledge of English. - Qualification or experience in food aid/ food security. DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS & COMPETENCIES Knowledge of French. - Strong computer skills - Good writing and analytical skills - Good coordination skills Closing Date Please note that the closing date for all vacancies in Add.1 to the September 2015 Compendium is Tuesday 17 November 2015 (midnight Geneva time). How to Apply Applications should be made on line on the UNHCR website under Employment / Current Vacancies Current Vacancies

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