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PLW and children under measurements in survey

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Anonymous 3267

Program Manager

Normal user

1 Dec 2015, 04:36

Dear All,
we have a started integrated program of nutrition, FSL, Wash and Shelter. We have planned baseline assessment for project and wants to include anthropometric measurements for measurements of nutritional status for children under five and PLW group. for children under six what measurements should we include and for lactating women with child above six months old? Any guideline for what measurements should be included for which groups in baseline assessments?

Kennedy Musumba

SMART Program Manager

Normal user

5 Dec 2015, 10:18

Anthropometric information is useful in determining the nutritional status of an individual. To assess the nutritional status of U5s (6-59 Months) it is important to collect basic information and anthropometric measurements such as Sex, Age/Date of Birth, Height/Length, Weight, MUAC (optional) and Oedema.

SMART Methodology provides detailed information on integrated survey method for assessing nutrition status of a population in emergency and development contexts. This information can be accessed at

MUAC would be appropriate for pregnant and lactating women; however, there is no international consensus on the Cut off points (countries variedly apply a range from 21 to 23 cm)

Mahaman Elhadji Hallarou

Nutrition Consultant

Normal user

7 Dec 2015, 10:54

Hi Qamar Din,

On PLW antropometric assessment, you may need to explore this discussion thread
For under six month infants, since SMART do not include usually this age group, I advise you to refer rather to DHS and child survival KPC survey guidelines.
I had similar issue before when i wanted to combine SMART ( for antropometric data) and KPC ( for Maternal and child health data) and here is guidance i got from Mark.

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