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HiNi quality assessment

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Anonymous 3049

Nutrition Advisor

Normal user

9 Dec 2015, 13:13

Following the roll out and continued implementation of High Impact Nutrition Interventions in various parts of the world, i wish to know whether there is any defined approach or tool which has been developed to assess the quality of services being offered at the health facilities? if none, which would the appropriate approach then?

Anonymous 703


Normal user

15 Dec 2015, 11:35

Hi Wachira,
I am not aware of a defined tool but the HINI OJT toolkit used in Kenya is a good starting point.

Anonymous 3370

Normal user

17 Dec 2015, 03:17

Hi Wachira,

Since HINI is a set of different interventions being implemented together. There are also a set of different tools to assess the different interventions. The OJT (on job training) tool used in Kenya highlights the different tools used to assess the different indicators.

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