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East and Southern Africa SMART Survey Manager Training 2016

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Kennedy Musumba

SMART Program Manager

Normal user

22 Dec 2015, 08:12

SMART (Standardized Monitoring and Assessment of Relief and Transitions) is increasingly used by various organizations as the standard survey method for nutrition and mortality surveys. In order to provide key-staff members with the most up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the methodology, the SMART Team delivers regional and national SMART Methodology trainings.
A regional, inter-agency Survey Manager Training will be organized by The SMART Team at ACF-Canada from February 10th-18th, 2016 in Kenya. This training is intended for staff or persons involved in nutrition and mortality surveys in the region. Persons who will benefit most from this workshop are:

1. Persons from organisations / institutions directly responsible for the planning, supervision and/or data analysis of nutritional surveys.
2. Persons from organisations / institutions with experience in conducting nutritional surveys, but who need to improve their capacity using the SMART Methodology.
3. Persons with a basic understanding of malnutrition and statistical principles.

All potential participants are requested to fill in the application form accessible from either of the links below

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