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Cost of RUTF

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26 Feb 2016, 16:37

1. What is the cost of RUTF (US $)
2. What is the average complete dose of SAM case? (number of RUTFs per SAM case).
3. What is the average cost of treatment of SAM case? (average cost of total dosage of SAM case treated at OTP).

Anonymous 81

Public Health Nutritionist

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27 Feb 2016, 19:36

Dear Suhail,
1. Cost of RUTF - the price depends on the manufacturers where you want to procure. This could be from Europe, Africa, USA, and Asia. The cost of one carton of RUTF (box of 150 sachet) could be between 50 to 60 USD. This cost doesn't includ the transport and handling costs.
2. Number of RUTF needed for complete treatment SAM cases. The average duration of treatment ranges between 6 and 8 weeks. During this treatment period, a given SAM child needs 10-15 Kg of RUTF. For planning purpose, agencies usually use about 12.5kg/child or one box/child. For further information about the figure 10-15kg, look at the WHO publication that was released in 2007

3. Cost of treatment of SAM case – the cost of treatment depends on many factors. The first is the implementation modality. Who is implementing the program? Is it by government? Is it by local NGOs? By International NGOs and so on. Is it as standalone intervention or is it mainstreamed within the health system. Is it mobile services or is it fixed services. So, it is difficult put an average as it is very context specific. There has been some reports/researches on cost of CMAM/SAM and MAM in Africa and Asia.


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29 Feb 2016, 17:05

Thanks kiross tefera.
I got answer of my questions from your reply.
I belong with Pakistan. According to UNICEF evaluation of community management of acute malnutrition (CMAM) Pakistan country case study evaluation report “The costs per beneficiary differed by district and IP; the average costs were SFP ($21); OTP ($145); and SC ($230). (Recommendation #8). (

Anonymous 31918


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9 Mar 2019, 13:44

Ethiopia HRP 2019 has figures on this. Pg. 68. Costs in Ethiopia quite low due to capability to work with and through the national health system.



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21 Apr 2021, 14:24

Is RUTF supplement halal? Which animal milk is used in RUTF or ( GCRIEBER) eeZeePaste NUT 

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