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F-75, F-100 packaging

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Anonymous 3546

Normal user

29 Feb 2016, 10:08

Dear users, what do you consider optimal packaging for F-75, F-100 in terms of size and if measuring scoop is needed or not.
Thank you.

Shafiqullah Bashari

Sr. Nutrition Adviser - SCI in Afghanistan

Normal user

2 Mar 2016, 17:47

Hi Anonymous,
UNICEF is providing F-75 in a 102.5 gr pack and F-100 in 114 gr pack as powder milk - 500 ml water should be added to each of them which will make 600 ml liquid milk.

LOZANO Rachel - ACF-Fr

Surveillance and prevention advisor

Normal user

11 Mar 2016, 19:58

The decision was made around 4 years ago, after a consultative process, to reduce the size of the therapeutic milk sachet and remove the scoop, based on field practices, with the implementation of the CMAM approach to treat severe acute malnutrition. With the ambulatory treatment in place, we all know, that only children with medical complications are transferred to hospital during the first days of treatment and receive therapeutic milk. The number of children admitted into hospitals has dramatically dropped and there are only few children receiving therapeutic milk.
The consequences are that the need of therapeutic milk per feed has reduced. Following this logic the sachets of F75 and F100 were reduced to avoid the waste of milk prepared and avoid any contamination via the open sachets kept.
The scoop was removed due to risk of wrong dilution; scoop used for different purposes… and not well cleaned which would increase the risk of contamination.

We have heard that discussions around increasing the size of the sachet and using a new packaging (can instead of sachet) as well as reintroducing the scoop, were ongoing at UNICEF and we would be happy to discuss and understand the argumentations / requests UNICEF has received to propose such change; because the treatment approach is remaining the same and so, we don’t admit more children in in-patient phase – (with some exception due to big emergency).
On our side, we haven’t received any request / complaints from our different field of operations regarding the size of the sachets and no scoop in the sachet. We are happy to keep same packaging size in sachet with no scoop. We also feel that the use of can will bring confusion with Infant formula.

Couldn’t we propose a technical discussion on this issue during the GNC meeting coming end of March where all the nutrition experts from various organizations will be together?
Thanks for your question and hope to continue the discussion

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