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Smart phones and IYCF-E

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Sally Etheridge

Director; Leicester Mammas CIC

Normal user

4 Apr 2016, 23:29

I would be really interested to know if any NGOs or programmes are exploring ways to offer info and support for IYCF-E. I find the Global Health Media resources really good, and wonder if there are projects underway to expand something like this for supporting mothers especially in transit for example. Or how much the Global Health Media clips are being used already for this purpose?

Meghan O'Hearn

public health nutritionist

Normal user

5 Apr 2016, 19:34

Hi Sally!

I am a public health nutritionist currently volunteering with Nurture Project International (, a start-up NGO that works specifically on IYCF-E. We have a mother and baby tent where I am working now at EKO station, one of the makeshift refugee camps in the Idomeni area near the Greek-Macedonian border. After an initial assessment of the women and children under 2, we provide breastfeeding and complementary feeding counselling, lactation support, and a safe space for women and children to stay. We also are distributing ready-to-use infant formula (one time use bottles with disposable teats/nipples) when a mother cannot breastfeed.

We are piloting a mobile-phone based assessment to collect data confidentially for our records and be able to track changes and monitor effectively. I developed the simple initial assessment (questions include: demographic questions, simple health assessment, feeding habits, diaper habits, and a care plan) as well as a follow-up rapid assessment for each day a woman returns so that we can quickly get them the provisions/support they need. We also have booklets where we write pertinent details that they women hold onto and bring back/take to the clinic when necessary. So far the piloting (just 3-4 DAYS) has been going well, and though a bit long, volunteers have responded positively to its functionality. I will be cutting down the questions a bit to make it simpler and quicker. We are using Magpi for the survey design and collection-- which is free but has its functional limitations.

In the near future, we are also looking at developing an app as part o a mobile peer support project where mothers and volunteers can access information on IYCF-E. We haven't had the scope to launch it yet but hopefully soon.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or want any additional clarification!

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