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When analysing birthweight data, should we exclude premature babies?

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Anonymous 3070


Normal user

8 Apr 2016, 14:49

Hi there.

I am currently looking at a dataset of pregnant women and subsequent birthweight for a control and intervention group.

Should premature births be excluded from the study?

We have excluded miscarriage and stillbirths.

thank you!

Jane Hirst

University of Oxford

Normal user

11 Apr 2016, 07:52

If you know the gestational ages that the babies were born at and their gender, you can use birthweight for gestational age (either as a percent or z score). The INTERGROWTH-21st group have published open access calculators and charts to help with this on their website

Otherwise, if you do not have exact gestational age in most of your participants it would be reasonable to look at the term and preterm birth separately, although of course there is quite a range of mean birthweight in the 'term' period (i.e. > 37 weeks).

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