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Alive & Thrive is seeking a Consultant for providing SUN Technical Assistance on national-level advocacy

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Thahira Shireen Mustafa

Policy Advisor, SUN Movement Secretariat

Normal user

19 Apr 2016, 14:21

Alive & Thrive (A&T) is seeking to engage a consultant to work on providing strategic technical assistance to 8 countries in the South East Asia region (Viet Nam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines and Timor Leste) to enable a stronger policy environment to protect breastfeeding.

As part of A&T’s mandate to provide technical assistance to some member countries of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement, the consultant will also be required to provide technical assistance on how-to increase uptake of proven tools and approaches for national-level advocacy, and development of country plans and communication strategies for scaling up nutrition, especially infant and young child feeding.

The position is based in Hanoi, Vietnam with frequent travel in the South East Asia Region.

Application deadline: 3 May 2016

For more details:

Anonymous 2280

Technical adviser for Vision

Normal user

25 Apr 2016, 21:33

Having experience of working in Breastfeeding and infant and young child feeding with UNICef /USAID and many other partners , I am interested in the consultancy but would like to know if the position entails provision of family stay and benefits.
best Regards
Naveeda Khawaja


Forum Moderator, ENN

Forum moderator

25 Apr 2016, 21:50

Dear Naveeda Khawaja,

Please contact Alive and Thrive through the link above to find out more about this post.

Best wishes,

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