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Province level SUN platform

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Tui Swinnen

Global KM Coordinator - ENN

Normal user

13 May 2016, 15:43

What are some good examples of where multisectoral platforms for SUN have been successfully established at province or county level ? Which actors have been involved in these platforms? Do these platforms replicate the MSP at the national level or are they quite different?

Kate Godden

Principal Nutrition Adviser

Normal user

19 May 2016, 12:01


I am working with the Zambian National Food and Nutrition Council (NFNC) and they have indeed established co-ordination committees at provincial/district/ward level in target areas. Zambia has a multisectoral national programme of HINI and nutrition sensitive actions (the MCDProgramme) and representation comes from the 5 key line ministries involved - health, agriculture, local government, community development and education. Also civil society and/or NGO.


The committee meetings are typically chaired by the District Authorising Officer within the District Commissioners office and each district has a NFNC staff member (to support the MCDP as well as a District Nutrition Officer/focal point. Some times the district may be further supported by an NGO that acts as grant manager/coordinator.

The establishment of these committees is a very large undertaking requiring significant quantities of preparation, advocacy, awareness raising and communication however their potential is also very great. Many challenges have occurred along the way and many still remain however after 2 years I believe it is still going in the right direction.

Savita Malla

Advocacy and Communication Specialist-NNFSS

Normal user

20 May 2016, 04:40

With the launching of Multi-sector Nutrition Plan in 2012, Nepal has established a multi-sector coordination architecture at the national, regional, district, municipal and village levels. The highest level of coordination mechanism is the High Level Nutrition and Food Security Steering Committee (HLNFSSC) hosted by the National Planning Commission (NPC) and chaired by the Hon’ble Vice Chair of the NPC for overall spearheading the multi-sector coordination architecture and policy guidance for nutrition and food security. The Regional Nutrition and Food Security Coordination Committee is coordinating all the regional structures of the sectors and stakeholders / partners. In addition, there is the National Nutrition and Food Security Coordination Committee (NNFSCC) chaired by the Hon’ble member of the NPC. Similar types of multi-sector coordination committees on nutrition exist at district, municipality and village levels. To provide administrative and technical support to the HLNFSSC and the NPC and to facilitate multi-sector, multi-stakeholder coordination of the activities of all stakeholders implementing the MSNP, a National Nutrition and Food Security Secretariat (NNFSS) has been established at the National Planning Commission Secretariat.
At the sub national level steering committees have been formed at the level of District Development Committee (DDC), municipality and Village Development Committees (VDCs) with specified Terms of References focusing on coordination, guidance and oversight functions at their respective levels. The district level management structures are overseen by the Nutrition and Food Security Steering Committee, which is being combined with the existing food security committees present in all districts.
District Level: Nutrition and Food Security Steering Committee
DDC Chair is the Chairperson

VDC Level: Nutrition and Food Security Steering Committee
VDC Chair is the Chairperson

Municipal Level: Nutrition and Food Security Steering Committee
Mayor is Chairperson

Mayor is Chairperson

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