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6th Regional Training Course On Nutrition In Emergencies (NIE-6), BKK, Thailand

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Dr. Yvonette Serrano Duque

Senior Public Health Specialist

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16 Jun 2016, 09:15

6th Regional Training Course On Nutrition In Emergencies
Date: 10 - 21 Oct 2016
Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

Climate change, conflict and global economic volatility are all contributing to an increased frequency of humanitarian emergencies worldwide. Emergencies put affected populations at a much higher risk of becoming malnourished, and this in turn leads to an increase in disease and death. One of the biggest challenges facing governments, UN agencies and NGOs in their attempts to prevent and treat malnutrition in emergencies is that there are simply not enough people who are trained in nutrition. In response, the Institute for Global Health (part of University College London), the American University of Beirut in Lebanon, Asian Disaster Preparedness Center in Thailand, and the University of Makerere in Uganda set up the Nutrition in Emergencies (NIE) regional training project. The objective of this initiative is to boost capacity in NIE, particularly in the regions that are most susceptible to humanitarian emergencies.

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) has been recognized as the major independent center in the region for promoting disaster awareness and development of local capabilities to foster institutionalized disaster management and policies.

This October 10th to 21st ADPC will conduct its “6th Nutrition in Emergencies (NIE) Training” which aims to support in improving health outcomes of communities at risk, promote awareness and knowledge as well as adoption of disaster reduction practices and initiatives applied not only to natural disasters but also to complex emergencies. The development of the NIE training curriculum was funded by USAID and is being conducted in partnership with the University College London’s Institute for Global Health (UCL-IGH) and Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN) since 2011.

The NIE course was designed to help equip participants with the expertise needed to lead or support nutrition responses. They are intended to build the skills of anyone who has an involvement with emergency nutrition, including health and food security staff, and general program managers.

Please email to and CC for enrollment or any inquiry. Please also visit our website for further information

Thank you!

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