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World Vision Job Offer: Head of Nutrition Project, Wash Nut in, Mauritania

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Judith Haase

West Africa Region Nutrition Advisor, World Vision

Normal user

27 Jun 2016, 08:16

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Purpose of Position:
Provide leadership and ensure the overall project management in ensuring that the implementation and use of project resources are consistent with the agreements, standards and procedures of the donor (ECHO) and the policies of World Vision, to achieve the required performance in terms of project quality.

[B] Major Responsibilities: [b /]
- Provide technical support / coaching to project staff and ongoing supervision for the implementation of IMAI in OTP and community level and in direct relation to the interventions identified in the project
- Provide technical monitoring of the implementation of IMAI, mother PB component and water and sanitation works in the field: latrines, water points by the prefectures and SPHERE Indicators
- Ensure that personnel (Nut Facilitator / Wash, Community Facilitators animation) understand their role and provide ongoing support to community members involved in the implementation of the interventions identified in the project with a presence on the ground
- Compile, analyze and report data on nutrition and Nut Wash in related project interventions to his superior at intervals laid down for this purpose.
- Ensure the maintenance of the nutrition information system and Wash and analyze project performance against the action plan and logical framework.
- Support project staff (facilitators in community leadership and the Facilitator Nut / Wash) in the organization and capacity building of community organizations (health committees), the Community Health Workers and Community Relay.
- Ensure the management, supervision, operational and financial technical monitoring and reporting of drug / nutrient inputs and Wash Kits for Nutrition Centres.
- Facilitate integration and complementarity between the project and other projects (Internal and External) operative in the area and provide technical support to other internal Dietary project WV for good coordination of actions
- Participate in regional coordination bodies and other important networks that form part of the project activities
- Produce a progress report in the format and periodicity established

Other responsibilities:
- Ensure cooperation of facilitators and community outreach facilitator Nut / Wash in nut with the teams in charge of SPC (Monitoring and Promotion of Growth), the treatment of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM), and treatment of Moderate Acute malnutrition (SFP) for the harmonization and effectiveness of the complete cycle of prevention and treatment of malnutrition in the Region Assaba

Minimum qualification required:
- Holder of a higher education level +3 to 5 years in nutrition / health / public health or equivalent

- Experience of at least 3 years in project supervision or nutrition or health program, emergency and / or development contexts
- 2 years experience in managing a team
- Experience with European donors

Knowledge and skills:
- Control of the Protocol taking care of malnutrition (CAMM)
- Community health knowledge, principles and approaches to community facilitation, and behavior change approaches
- Knowledge in Wash in nut
- Project Cycle Management Knowledge (design and participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation)
- Strong interpersonal and writing skills
- Ability to manage a team
- Ability to maintain effective working relationships with government officials, World Vision staff, the public and other stakeholders at all levels
- Computer skills
- Control of nutrition survey methodologies (more)
- French power is required
- Operational English is an asset
- Ability to work and live in a difficult environment

Work Environment / Conditions:
- Working Environment: Based in the office of World Vision in Boghe with frequent travel to Kiffa and within 3 Moughataas intervention.
- Travel: 60% Domestic

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