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Responsive feeding

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PhD Student

Normal user

2 Jul 2016, 20:55

I want to measure the quality of mother-child feeding interactions as part of research to improve IYC feeding? Can someone point me to the right tool to use and possibly share?


Forum Moderator, ENN

Forum moderator

4 Jul 2016, 09:22

Ruth Gwokyalya has shared these FAO Guidelines for assessing nutrition-related knowledge, attitudes and practices:

There is a section on responsive feeding under practices or knowledge.

Thanks Ruth.


PhD Student

Normal user

4 Jul 2016, 13:37

Thank you very much.

Karim Bougma

McGill University

Normal user

4 Jul 2016, 14:11

Hi, The HOME inventory (45-items) is a well accepted tool to assess mother-child interaction and the quality and quantity of stimulation the child received from his environment. Prof Frances Aboud also published on the issue of responsive feeding. Here are some references:
1- Aboud FE & Sadika A: A Cluster-Randomized Evaluation of a Responsive Stimulation and Feeding Intervention in Bangladesh. Pediatrics 2011; 127(5): p. e1191-7.
2- Aboud, F.E. and T. Alemu, Nutrition, maternal responsiveness and mental development of Ethiopian children. Soc Sci Med, 1995. 41(5): p. 725-32.
3- Aboud FE. Evaluation of an early childhood parenting programme in rural Bangladesh. J Health Popul Nutr. 2007;25(1):3–1
4-Hubbs-Tait L, Culp AM, Culp RE, Miller CE. Relation of maternal cognitive stimulation, emotional support, and intrusive behavior during Head Start to children’s kindergarten cognitive abilities. Child Dev. 2002;73(1): 110 –131


Project Manager Nutrition-Catholic Relief Services

Normal user

8 Nov 2016, 16:28

Observation child feeding questionnaire.

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