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ALIMA's guidelines for implementing Mother MUAC/PB meres

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Nutrition advisor, ALIMA

Normal user

26 Jul 2016, 11:13

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share both the French and English versions of the guidelines for implementing Mother MUAC/PB meres. These guidelines represent an attempt to share ALIMA’s experience training mothers and other family members to screen for malnutrition in the home, and we hope they will be useful.

Both the French and English versions can be found on the ALIMA website at:

Mother MUAC - Guidelines for Implementation:

PB meres - mode d'emploi:

They can also be found on the CMAM Forum website at:



We welcome any and all feedback, as household malnutrition screening is really an evolving practice. And just as an fyi, the paper describing the results from our study in Niger has been accepted by the Archives of Public Health and should be published in early September. I will share this as soon as it becomes available.

Many cheers, and I hope everyone's summer is going well!



Normal user

15 Dec 2017, 15:39

Hi Kevin,

The links above don't seem to be working. Could you possibly share them again?

Many thanks,




Normal user

16 Dec 2017, 06:28

Hi Kevin. I would like to sincerely appreciate your effort for updating us on this guideline. I have personally tried logging into the link and ALIMA's website but can't retrieve the guide/information . Kindly check out the link and resend to us as you always do. Thanks again. my mail

Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed

Nutrition Specialist/ Save the Children

Normal user

17 Dec 2017, 11:06

The Pages do not work

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