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need nutrition resource translation

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Normal user

4 Aug 2016, 19:30

This post has been automatically translated.

Documents on nutrition in French are rare. Very often I find highly relevant documents in English on key issues in nutrition without being able to find their French translations. I would like to solicit your support here for how to translate (free) and / or find French documents on nutrition.
Thank you all for your potential participation.

Natalie Sessions

CMAM Forum Coordinator

Normal user

5 Aug 2016, 11:24

Hi Hassane,

You have raised a very good point- the CMAM Forum has recently highlighted this issue, publishing a paper by H.Delisle entitled 'Plaidoyer pour un partage accru de connaissances et d’information en Français sur la malnutrition pour l’Afrique' (available on our website). Any resources that are in French, we try and highlight on the CMAM Forum French page ( but as you rightly note, the majority of resources sadly remain in English.

Marie McGrath


Frequent user

10 Aug 2016, 19:04

Dear Hassane,
You highlight a very big gap. Out of interest, what are the top three nutrition related documents that you would like to see translated?

Carmel Dolan

ENN Technical Director and co-editor of NEX

Normal user

10 Aug 2016, 20:57

Dear Hassan,

ENN produces a publication called Nutrition Exchange which is routinely translated into French. You can find the most recent French Issue published in July 2016 here

Nicki Connell

Emergency Nutrition Advisor, Save the Children

Normal user

16 Aug 2016, 16:35

Dear Hassane

You raise a very valid point. At Save the Children we do make efforts to translate key documents where possible. Two examples are our IYCF-E Toolkit, where the Core Documents are translated into French:

Also our CMAM Toolkit, where all documents are translated into French:

Many thanks.

fanny granchamp

policy advisor, SUN

Normal user

8 Sep 2016, 14:19

Dear partners and friends,

Echoing this concern, I am wondering if you know if any french, spanish or russian version of the lancet series on breastfeeding published early 2016 exist?

many thanks for the feedback

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