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Emergency Health Manager (Nurse)

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Ricardo Coelho

GOAL Global

Normal user

15 Aug 2016, 10:29

General Description of the Programme

GOAL’s Emergency Medical Team, is part of an expanding Health Department. A new initiative to strengthen GOAL’s Health response in emergencies, building on recent work in the West Africa Ebola response and recognising more widely that there is a significant gap in global health service provision for the most vulnerable, GOAL is developing a dedicated emergency response capability.

The Emergency Medical Team (EMT) will consist of a team of technical and operations staff capable of rapid deployments to health crises, supporting on-going health programming, undertaking needs assessments and providing remote support to GOAL Country Programmes. The EMT will work in both sudden onset and chronic emergencies, respond to infectious disease outbreaks and stand ready to deploy at short notice to health crises globally.

Overview of the role


Support planning, preparation and systems development for the health component of the EMT
To provide medical leadership and service delivery in EMT responses, assessments and programme development
To ensure GOAL health responses meet international standards of quality, are evidence based and adhere to best practice
The Emergency Health Manager provides primary healthcare, establish and manage health projects including set up and run health posts, operate feeding centres and in/outpatient clinics and hospitals, plan and implement vaccination campaigns, and organise mother-child health programmes.

Train, supervising and managing local nursing staff or community health providers is a key responsibility.

Main responsibilities


Provide direct curative and clinical treatment in emergency responses including through mobile clinics, outbreak response e.g. cholera response, vaccination programmes
Design, plan, implement and monitor health programming
Assist in the recruitment and management of GOAL health staff
Establish good working relationships with MOH and peer agencies
Produce/adapt, monitor technical protocols, manuals, guidelines/policies and forms in line with national and international standards
Represent GOAL in health coordination forum and partner meetings at field levels
Support development of programme donor proposals, activity reports, strategy respecting technical formats and timelines
Programme implementation, monitoring, supervision, reporting and documentation
Work closely with support teams (Finance, logistics, HR, programmes etc)
Work closely with communities and local authorities
Responsible for ensuring effective and continuously updated health data, health facility data
Input and ensure effective delivery of IEC/BCC/health education activities and materials
Provide technical support to health staff in GOAL run and MOH supported facilities
Work closely with MEAL to design, implement and document best practice
Input into medical procurement (drugs, medical supplies and equipment technical specifications and quantities, tenders etc)
Assist in the design and implementation drug management guidelines.
Conduct and set up mobile medical clinics, cholera treatment centres and other health facilities as necessary.


Support activities on global health risk mapping and analysis of emerging health issues
External liaison with partner agencies, peer INGOs, donors, UN agencies, Cluster system and others as necessary
Support development of robust MEAL systems in place for EMT responses
Support in the design and development of necessary policies, guidelines, standards, operating procedures and subsequent reviews
Support in the documentation of lessons learned from responses and the adaptation of tools and guidelines as appropriate
Provide relevant support and input to HR, logistics and finance to ensure rapid and smooth running responses


Provide out of country technical support to Country Programmes as required
Active engagement and compliance with GOAL systems and procedures
To support media and communications teams with material development for external audiences
Undertake external presentations and act as a media spokesperson as necessary
To support the RTR / evaluation process as necessary
Support operational research, innovation and policy development
Input into Health Team strategy, planning and annual work plan
Undertake other tasks as necessary

Requirements (Person Specification)


Significant post-qualification nursing experience, preferably in one of the following areas: infectious diseases, A&E, obstetrics, paediatrics, surgery or nutrition
Valid Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) or Irish Nursing Board Registration
Diploma in tropical nursing or relevant nursing experience in a tropical environment
5 years health programming experience in insecure environments (ideally primary health care, and or trauma, reproductive health)
Experience of supervision and managing teams
Willing and able to undertake clinical practice as necessary
Familiar with humanitarian aid systems e.g. Clusters, Sphere, CHS
Experience working with institutional donors e.g. DFID, OFDA and ECHO
Excellent spoken and written English
Experience working with partners especially Ministry of Health
Strong organisational, interpersonal and communication skills
Strong documentation, proposal and report writing skills
Experience of conducting needs assessment including use of community participation methodologies
Willingness to undertake frequent travel and work in insecure areas
Adaptable and able to work in a team
Flexible and able to manage stress
Able to provide training to others


Second language, French or Arabic useful.

To apply to this vacancy, please follow this link

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