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Action contre la Faim

Logistics Advisor - Action contre la Faim

Normal user

30 Aug 2016, 14:19

ACF conducted a case study on the multi-sectoral approach implemented by integrating both food and nutrition intervention in the work with Mother Support Groups (MSGs), which showed that combining the nutritional knowledge with the provision of tools and training have allowed the groups to achieve great results in terms of improving the nutrition security at household and community levels. For instance, some of the groups have revealed an interest to expand their activities to increase the quantity of vegetables produced for consumption as well as for income.

Considering the lack of information regarding the key determinants in relation to nutrition and food security that impact the feeding practices of children under 5 and PMLW, ACF has decided to engage in this barrier analysis to develop in collaboration with the community a behaviour change strategy and tools.

If you're interested, please address an email to the below contact, who will provide you the full ToR and details about this consultancy. Deadline for submission is the 5th of September.

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