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Consultancy - Multisector Assessment, Migration Corridor Djibouti

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Action contre la Faim

Logistics Advisor - Action contre la Faim

Normal user

16 Sep 2016, 10:18

The overall objective of this project is to conduct a multi-sectoral assessment on migration in Djibouti to obtain reliable data and figures on migration, focused on humanitarian needs related to WASH, FSL, Health, Nutrition and MHCP sectors. The outcomes of the consultancy will be a detailed assessment report detailing the findings and recommendations and draft concept notes outlining response to the needs identified in the assessment.

Specific Objectives
• Improve the understanding of the migrants and host population situation and specific needs
• Increase the understanding and mapping the movement of the migrants and drivers
• Undertaking of quantitative statically significant field assessment
• Dissemination of key results to key partners and stakeholders
• Supporting ACF team to develop integrated program strategy for response and design appropriate program with exit strategy

Scope of the Work
The works of the consultant will include:
• Undertake literature review of key documents and reports prepared by Government, Civil society and INGOs. Identifying key issues, trends and areas to prioritize in the assessment
• Define a proper methodology of assessment on the different types of migrants (transit and settled ones)
• Develop multisector questionnaire in consultation with HQ technical advisors, including pre-testing of survey tools (using ODK/KOBO or similar alternative for survey)
• Work with ACF Djibouti program coordinator to liaise with government technical and administrative to formalize permissions and methodology for the mission
• Work with ACF Mental Health and Care Practices expert in charge of a situational analysis in Djibouti.
• Recruit, train survey team and organize logistics, schedule and planning for assessment
• Oversight and management during survey period
• Complete analysis of results and preparation of assessment report (incorporating key findings from literature review)
• Debriefing workshop with key partners and authorities presenting results and key findings
• Facilitate of program strategy and response workshop and with ACF team and key partners
• Preparation of concept note

Expected output of the consultancy
• Multisector Assessment report detailing the findings and recommendations in English with French Executive Summary.
• Presentation of Multisector assessment and key findings prepared in French
• Prepare concept note in English detailing ACF proposed response to the identified needs

The Consultant is to provide (in English or French):
- CV
- Covering letter
- Financial offer
- Proposed schedule/timeline and draft methodology

All these documents are to be submitted by 3rd October 2016 16.00hrs GMT to Fred Barennes .

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