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Prepartion of ReSoMal when there is no CMV

This question was posted the Management of wasting/acute malnutrition forum area and has 7 replies.

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Agnes Aongola

Chief Nutrition Liaison Officer

Normal user

30 Sep 2016, 07:34

This is a question regarding infants and children management of dehydration in SAM. I am trying to figure out how to treat a child with SAM and diarrhea who is admitted to the hospital. The hospital has no CMV or ReSoMal. Kindly advise on how to prepare Resomal. WHO guideline only indicated additional of potassium but no details on how much to add.

Need honorable urgent response.
Good day

Marie McGrath


Frequent user

30 Sep 2016, 10:13

Dear Agnes,
Can I just check with you, is the case in question regarding an infant under six months of age?

Many thanks

Neha Arora

Normal user

30 Sep 2016, 10:51

As per the "Training Guidelines on Facility based management of Severe Acute Malnutrition, Ministry of Health and Family welfare guidelines of India (2012):
For ORS, without CMV
Water 1700 ml, WHO-ORS new formulation - 1 packet for 1000 ml water , 40g Sugar and 40 ml of Stock KCl ( 100g KCL in 1 litre of water).

Hope this helps, I am not sure if there is an update !!

Neha Arora

Normal user

30 Sep 2016, 10:54

Sorry above recipe is for preparing Resomal, if CMV or Electrolyte/Mineral Solution is not available.

Tamsin Walters

en-net moderator

Forum moderator

3 Oct 2016, 12:41

Dear all,

Agnes has replied that the child is over 6 months of age. I have therefore shifted the question to the Prevention and management of severe acute malnutrition forum area.

Best wishes,

Wendy Dyment

Medair HQ Health and Nutrition Advisor Team Lead

Normal user

3 Oct 2016, 13:01

If you would like additional documentation you can find the alternative ReSoMal recipes in the 2013 2nd Edition of the Pocket Book of Hospital Care for Children by WHO. They are found on pages 203-206 of the original document complete with exact amounts and treatment protocols. You can download the book online at this link you will need to copy into your browser:

Anonymous 598

Normal user

3 Oct 2016, 13:04

There is a good discussion on ENN on this same subject check July 12 2014 "What to do when ReSoMal and CMV not available?".
Have you approached UNICEF offices in the your country.

Best wishes.

Tamsin Walters

en-net moderator

Forum moderator

4 Oct 2016, 08:57

The link to the previous discussion is here:

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