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IYCF-E corner setup and design

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Hussein Mahamoud

Nutrition Specialist

Normal user

30 Sep 2016, 16:47

Dear All

I have been implementing OFDA funded nutrition project in drought affected communities residing in Ethiopia. The project has this three sub-targets ( CMAM, Mobile health and IYCF-E promotion). One of the IYCF activities is to establish and build IYCF-E corner in health centers to make it a referral point for mothers with breastfeeding difficulties. Unfortunately we didn't have agreed or standard shading/structure building for this burning issue, so if you have any architectural guidance or have experience for this issue I need your support.

Many thanks

Hussein M

Isabelle Modigell

Tech RRT

Normal user

3 Oct 2016, 15:41

Dear Hussein

Please check with UNICEF Ethiopia: one of my colleagues worked with them on developing contextualised Guidance for the Establishment of Mother-Baby Ares in Ethiopia as part of a Tech RRT deployment at the start of the year. This guidance should be available to all nutrition partners.

For general guidance you can access ACF's technical manual:

Is the IYCF-E Corner for all mothers who wish to breastfeed while visiting the health facility (and someone will assess for breastfeeding difficulties) or will mothers be referred to the IYCF-E Corner once a breastfeeding difficulty is identified?

Thank you


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