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Improving Quality in IPC management of Malnutrition

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Anonymous 3944

Ghana Health services

Normal user

2 Oct 2016, 08:39

Hi , please can I have support materials or information to conduct simple survey on IPC management of malnutrition satisfaction among staff (PAs,Nurses, managers and ward assistance) in an IPC facility and caregivers with their children managed out (i.e. discharge and refer out caregivers) of the facility.

Any one who did it before or has information can contact me on
All discussions and suggestions is vital to improving CMAM IPC care.
Thank you in advance.

Dr Charulatha Banerjee

Asia Regional Knowledge Management Specialist

Normal user

17 Oct 2016, 06:18

Please take a look at this link below on a project in Bangladesh working on improving soft skills amongst frontline nutrition workers being implemented by UNICEF. Contacting the UNICEF team might give you some leads.

Hope this is of some help

Naapong k.Edward


Normal user

27 Oct 2016, 02:03

Thanks at Dr.Benerdee

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