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MUAC Z-score for estimating GAM

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Anonymous 3991

Normal user

15 Oct 2016, 11:15

Hi there,

I am designing a surveillance system based on MUAC as main anthropometry indicator. I am calculating MUAC Z-scores based on age for flagging the data (+-5 SD).

My question: is it possible to estimate GAM prevalence from MUAC Z-scores based on age using the following thresholds:

< -2 and = -3 z-score (MAM) < -3 z-score (SAM)

I am trying to find studies and papers using MUAC Z-scores for estimating GAM, though i am not finding anything relevant.

I would be pleased if someone could provide some information (papers, studies...) regarding this.
Also if kindly someone could clarify why the use of MUAC Z-score seems not to be widely used for this purpose and what are the differences between this way of calculating GAM prevalence and the usual way of using MUAC measurements directly (<115 & >=115, <125mm).

Thank you very much in advance for your usual support.
Kind regards,


Dr Charulatha Banerjee

Asia Regional Knowledge Management Specialist

Normal user

17 Oct 2016, 08:42

Take a look at this very recent discussion on en-net which has an answer as to why MUAC is preferred over MUAC for age z scores.

Hope this helps.

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