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Publication of Nutrition and Mortality Survey

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Anonymous 3757

Normal user

1 Nov 2016, 05:36

Is there a platform where reports of SMART surveys conducted around the world are published so that the results are accessible to the public?

If not, is it relevant to submit findings of Nutrition and Mortality Survey for publication?

Damien Pereyra Ngono

Nutrition data specialist

Normal user

1 Nov 2016, 10:10

Dear Anonymous 3757,

The CRED have the CEDAT project which centralized data from SMART surveys. Infortunatly, since many years the CEDAT platform is not working anymore and the project seam finished since 2015.

It would be interesting to have the point of view of SMART Canada, on new online tools or plateform, even in
You could find many SMART reports on (by country)

According to paper from analysis on SMART survey dataset, it could be relevant, if you have enough data to find robust, rigorous outcomes...
Hope this help

Bill Kinsey

African Studies Center, Leiden University

Normal user

1 Nov 2016, 10:35

Hi Damien

The link for Humanitarian Response is not you have another? The Smart Methodology one is fine.


Md. Rayhan Mostak

Program Manager • Research and CMAM

Normal user

1 Nov 2016, 14:02

Hello Bill Kinsey,

For the Humanitarian Response web access please go through the below link.
Click Here

Hope it helps !

Best regards,

Kennedy Musumba

SMART Program Manager

Normal user

1 Nov 2016, 14:35


We have explored the idea of having such a Database in place, however, owing to the complexities around Agencies' and Countries' policies on data sharing SMART doesn't have one.


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