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Case Studies at a Country Level on Preventing and Managing Conflict of Interest

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breda gavin-smith

PHN Consultant

Normal user

3 Nov 2016, 09:45

Dear Colleagues,
Many of you may be aware that a process to examine conflict of interest, within the context of the SUN Movement, was initiated by the SUN Lead Group in September 2012 leading to the development of a Reference Note and Toolkit on Preventing and Managing Conflict of Interest.

The SUN Movement continues to support SUN governments addressing the issue with countries seeing tackling conflict of interest as essential to the engagement of all relevant actors in effective multi-sectoral planning towards common nutrition goals and results. SUN Countries have particularly expressed a need to have case studies at a country level on conflict of Interest supporting our understanding of the issues that arise and how countries are preventing and managing CoI. We would love to hear your experiences with the aim of compiling and making available to all SUN Countries supporting our shared learning objective.

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