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Studies on the transformation of the political and national programming in Comoros

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11 Nov 2016, 10:28

Which front line nutritional interventions should be in the proposal for the way forward for nutrition in the 21st century In Southern Africa and Indian Ocean more precisely in the archipelago of the Comoros?

The case studies in countries listed in Part III of the book on the transformation of the political and national programming include:
• From local to national level: Integrated Nutrition Programme of Thailand
• Nutrition and equality: Success of Brazil in reducing stunting of the poorest
• Special features: nutrition policies evolving in Bangladesh
• Reaching new dimensions: 20 years of progress on nutrition in Nepal
• Commitment and Accountability: Peru's unique journey in nutrition
• For a fast track approach: Reducing stunting in Vietnam
• Agriculture ; Water, sanitation and hygiene; and social safety nets: Multisectoral Narrative Ethiopia
• 25 years of strengthening nutrition: interventions in nutrition and health in Odisha, India

We ask from you that the same studies be conducted in the Comoros to enable us to reach a diagnosis of food habits in accordance with the socio-cultural reality of the intervention area.

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