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Management of children suffering from Moderate acute malnutrition during the supplies pipeline break

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Anonymous 635


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9 Dec 2016, 12:43

Dear Colleagues/ experts
We are running TSFP component for children age 06-59 months for the management of moderate acute malnutrition, during the mid of the project, the services remained at halt due to the supplies pipeline break for almost 2 months and number of current in program MAM children treatment mess up,
Now the question is about the continuity of care/services for the current in program patients, whether we can continue the current in program patients treatment from the edge were stopped or can exit them from the program and re-admit them again for the treatment. But if exit then with which category (Default or Moved Out) if Default then the patients was intended for their follow up visits but the supplies break was from donor side
And if Continue then the length of stay of program increased from the national nutrition guidelines

Please guide accordingly for suitable management strategy

Stay bless

Dr Yahya Ghanem

health and Nutrition program officer

Normal user

11 Dec 2016, 21:58

I think you can continue the current program (if the visits persist for the previous period in which you continue follow up and provide nutrition advises and refer any cases that deteriorate to SAM or TFC ) and you can illustrate the cause of the long stay.
if the visits cut out we do not know what the conditions of the children and whether they will continue in the program or not so you can consider them re admission or new cases according to their absence time .
or if you know that the supplies will delayed for more one months , you have to transfer the cases to the nearest program so that you are in the safe side


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15 Dec 2016, 06:44

In addition to what Dr Yahaya said, its high time for you to focus more on the IYCF component to avert further deterioration of admitted MAM children to SAM and adding up of new cases. In Pakistan, CMAM National guidelines recommends use of one sachet of RUTF (92gm) per day for MAM children in absence of TSFP which is another option for your consideration in case you are implementing complete CMAM Programme.

Mahamadou Adamou

Nutritionniste/Direction de la Nutrition

Normal user

17 May 2017, 14:33

It is necessary to continue the treatment for systematic treatment (this prevents other pathologies) and focus on nutritional advice especially based on local products and also the continuation and support to breastfeeding for children 6-23 months; also insist that mothers respect the appointments. If you have difficulty with the exit criteria it is because your management protocol did not foresee it. So, enter the supply break in the observation column of your management register. It is not realistic to calculate the duration of stay because the dietetic treatment was unavailable for 2 months. It is therefore important to make a consensus between the different partners to avoid these kinds of disagreements.

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