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Wide Area Survey where Denominator is more 256

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Anonymous 2352

Normal user

17 Dec 2016, 19:27

I have just noted that the BayesSqueac Calculator (Version 3.01) allows a maximum denominator of 256; however, I have a scenario where I want to calculate the "Single Coverage" but by denominator is 273 and the numerator is 118. How do I go about this? Will appreciate the feedback

Mark Myatt

Frequent user

19 Dec 2016, 09:10

You have at least two options ...

BayesSQUEAC is open source software. This means that the source code is available for you to modify. You will want to alter "likeN -from 1 -to 256" in line 951 to something like "likeN -from 1 -to 512". On UNIX systems (e.g. Linux, OS X, Android) this is all you need to do. On Windows you will need to use TclKit to create a .EXE file. The source code for BayesSQUEAC is available from here.

You could do the calculations by hand. These are shown on pages 84-86 of the FANTA's SQUEAC / SLEAC technical reference. The method used to calculate the 95% credible limits is "approximate" but this will not be an issue with your large sample size.

I hope this is of use.

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