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antenatal care

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Anonymous 3925


Normal user

10 Jan 2017, 18:10

I'm looking for literature on antenatal care , research gap what works for women and girls.To what extent does optimal antenatal care improves maternal and birth outcomes.

Marie McGrath

Emergency Nutrition Network

Frequent user

11 Jan 2017, 09:02

Dear Anon,
There are valuable resources and evidence from the Saving Newborn Lives Initiative, visit here for lots of information around neonatal care.

Best regards, Marie

Asfia Azim

Nutrition Advisor

Normal user

4 Feb 2018, 08:40

Hi fellow/s,

We are planning to introduce nutrition vouchers in urban areas where targeted pregnant and lactating women will receive a nutrition voucher and show it to grocassy and receive additional food ration.
I am therefore looking for your opinion on what sort of food items (except cereal) we should consider for ensuring optimum nutrition for pregnant and lactating women? How much amount is required?
Is there any literature available? Thank you.

Mary Kimani

Normal user

4 Feb 2018, 13:31

Hi Asfia,
For maternal nutrition, you may want to refer to the FAO guide on womens dietary diversity (10 food groups). Then based on the locality, consider what foods to include.

Dr Charulatha Banerjee

Asia Regional Knowledge Management Specialist

Normal user

5 Feb 2018, 05:28

Dear Asfia,

Keeping in mind the context of Bangladesh and as you mention cereal needs are perhaps covered what would be most important would be to meet the protein and fat requirements. Pulses and Oil can be purchased from the grocer perhaps even eggs- but what about meat and fish- which are critical sources of protein but as we well know beyond the reach of most poor families. Will your voucher be of use at local fish mongers/butchers stalls? Is part cash part voucher a system you would consider? Many women in urban areas work outside their homes - in garment factories/ as domestic help etc- so their grocery purchase might not be done always in the locality where they live - I am sure your voucher for fresh food will have to extend beyond the neighbourhood. This can be a huge logistical challenge. Hence the suggestion of part voucher and part cash. Will be very keen to hear more about how the urban intervention rolls out and progresses. Hope my comment is useful Best Wishes Charulatha

Asfia Azim

Nutrition Advisor

Normal user

5 Feb 2018, 05:56

Thanks a lot Charulata for your innovative solution of a mixture of cash and food voucher. Actually we are at planning stage where we need to collect information, global reference, innovation, practice etc.
What I struggle most is to choose appropriate food groups for voucher and cash otherwise at the end of the project donor or evaluator will ask me a question on what basis I choose some particular food items? What are the rational behind selecting those food items? I am keen to get reference paper, literature etc. related to this. Many thanks again for your response.

Mustafa Mohamed Haji

Health and Nutrition Officer

Normal user

16 Nov 2022, 17:02

Hi, everybody

What are the recommended measures to prevent and reduce prevalence of malnutrition during ANC and PNC? is it only enough in strenghtening IYCF interventions or there other nutrition programs.

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