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Which is the most appropriate journal to publish my thesis work?

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Clinical Nutritionist, KNH, Nairobi

Normal user

11 Jan 2017, 14:08

Hello All,
I would like some guidance on the suitable journal I can publish my thesis work on emergency nutrition as one of the requirements for my Msc. Human Nutrition.

The title of my thesis work is: Severe acute acute malnutrition: The effect of caregivers' knowledge on default rates at Dadaab Refugee Camps, Kenya.

Thank you.


Saul Guerrero

Director of International Nutrition, ACF USA

Normal user

11 Jan 2017, 14:49

Hi Alexander

We recently published something along those lines on Public Health Nutrition. They are interested in these qualitative angle on SAM programming.

If you want to discuss further, please feel free to reach out (

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