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Studies looking at household food security and child dietary diversity

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1 Mar 2017, 15:35

I am looking for studies looking at the relationship between household food diversity (measured by for example by Food Consumption Score, Household Hunger Scale, Household Dietary Diversity Score, etc.) and Child Dietary Diversity (measured by Minimum Dietary Diversity).

Any information would be highly appreciated.


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1 Mar 2017, 19:44

Kindly look into NCA studies with all 39 indicators

Janny Goris

Senior Public Health Nutritionist

Normal user

3 Mar 2017, 02:41

Hi Ranjith, I conducted a study in the highlands of PNG.
It is available on
It will be published soon in Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition Vol 26(4), 2017.
Please give your email address and I'll send it to you.

Susana Moreno Romero

Nutrition and food security specialist

Normal user

3 Mar 2017, 11:42

Dear Ranjith,

In 2012, we presented a poster at the 8th International Conference on
Diet and Activity Methods (ICDAM 8) in Rome, where association between child and mother diet diversity was explored using DHS data of Honduras, Namibia and Nepal.

Some results were:
• Mother and child diet diversity (DD) are generally strongly linked and show similar food patterns.
Population averages rarely differ in more than one food group.
• Intake of vitamin A and iron-rich food groups tend to be higher in
• Milk, and sometimes cereals, are more often consumed by children.

At household level, similarity between child and mother diet diversity varies:
• At household (hh) level: proportion of households where mother and child have same Diet Diversity Scores oscillates between 21% and 75% hhs.
• Strength of the mother and child DD association can vary widely
depending on countries, number of food groups considered, location urban/rural,
child age and breastfeeding status.

Mother DD based on the 12 standard food groups (HDDS) is far from reflect
child diet diversity.

If you think it could be useful I can share it with you via email.



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