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Balancing Between Emergency and Development Activities

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Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed

Nutrition Specialist/ Save the Children

Normal user

15 Mar 2017, 10:05

Dear All,
You know already most of the time chronic malnutrition(stunting) rates are higher than the acute malnutrition(wasting) rates, and in most of the districts the stunting rates are above the emergency threshold"the silent emergency" and without intervention this will continue to lead to :
- Negative impacts on the children( stunted brains, stunted bodies, and stunted lives)
- Negative Impacts on the country economy( cognition impairment and decrease school performance) and also contribute to increase the GAM rates if development activities are not added to the emergency projects

Unfortunately the stunting and the community based interventions that handle stunting prevention are not a priority for most of the countries/clusters and not either in their mandate or response plan.

I am kindly requesting those who are interested in advocacy to advocate for this issue.

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