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Suitable crops in eastern Uganda

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Flor Carzon

Professor - FASTA University

Normal user

30 Mar 2017, 17:04

Hi everyone! I'm a nutritionist with a specialization in Water, sanitation and hygiene in International Development. As our final project we develop an irrigation system for a rural community in Bulambuli Valley, eastern Uganda, next to Mbale, with the NGO Communities for Development.

We were told that for choosing crops it's better to talk with the local farmers. However, we would like to do a comparision around different crops so we could justify our choice!

Where can we find specifications, characteristics and efficiency of different crops based in Eastern Uganda?

Thanks in advanced!
Kind regards.

Rita Bhatia

Frequent user

1 Apr 2017, 13:22

yes consultation with local farmers and agriculture dept is important and should be a priority. In addition please visit FAO link. They have a data base for crops in countries and with in the countries' region. The link is
good luck.

Anonymous 2346

Normal user

2 Apr 2017, 15:29

Check with: 1) the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, there is an agriculture zoning plan and development strategy indicating the national priorities. 2) Refer to the guidelines for integrating nutrition into the Agriculture enterprise mix guide, there is an annex with various crops. Guidelines can be accessed from ministry website and on 3) Contact Harvestplus personnel incountry, the project has support biofortification in the eastern region. 4) REMEMBER TO DISCUSS WITH THE FARMERS, they always have the final say.

Leila Akinyi

Program Manager Healthy Diets and Lifestyles

Normal user

3 Apr 2017, 09:07

Also in agreement with anonymus reply above. It is important to consider the nutrition sensitivity of the crops. The farmers as they make the decision should have been sensitised on nutrition sensitive agiruculture, so that they make informed choices. Consider also sensitising based on the FAO food based dietary guidelines and on the 10 food groups for women dietary diversity by FAO and the 7 food groups by WHO for children 6-23 months

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