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Preparation of WFPs Corn-Soy products

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Isabel Potani

PhD candidate University of Toronto

Normal user

11 Apr 2017, 17:25

recently witnessed a cooking demonstration on Corn-Soy Whey Blend and I was concerned with a number of issues.

1. The porridge was quite runny Is it normal for this type of porridge?

2.The flour settled at the bottom, is this normal?

3. Are there any guidance documents /videos that can be used?

Britt Broersen


Normal user

12 Apr 2017, 12:12

Dear Isabel,

Thank you for your questions and please find the answers below:

1. The preferred porridge thickness may be different between countries and regions. Porridge thickness depends on the flour/water ratio used. Therefore, caregivers can adjust the flour/water ratio to prepare a porridge of a thickness they prefer. We recommend the preparation of a spoonable porridge to ensure that each serving has a good content of energy and nutrients to best support the child’s needs (note that WHO recommends that complementary foods provide at least 0.8 kcal/g food as consumed, which means that a porridge should contain at least 20% dry matter, i.e. 20 g flour in 100 g porridge).

2. It is important that the water and flour are well mixed before heating and to keep stirring while cooking to prevent flour settling at the bottom of the pan.

3. Preparation instructions are provided on the packaging of the Super Cereal plus (SC+) and these serve to guide the recipient in preparation of the porridge. These instructions include recommendations on the flour/water ratio to be used, which support the preparation of a spoonable porridge.

In case of any other questions, please let us know. Finally, we were wondering in which country/countries you observed this?

Best regards,


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