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Procurement of MUAC tapes

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Global Nutrition Advisor

Normal user

12 Apr 2017, 14:50

Apologies for the rather mundane question - GOAL used to procure their colour coded, enumerated MUAC tapes (26cm) from Valid Int' for ~7p/unit, unfortunately they no longer produce them. Our logistics dept are of the understanding that UNICEF stocks (~6p/unit) will take between 3-4mths to arrive and Talc unit costs are between 20-30p/unit depending on the length of the tape, 26cm or 35cm. Are there any other good quality manufacturers selling MUACs for <10p/unit?

Mark Myatt

Frequent user

14 Apr 2017, 10:46


MSF have the uniMUAC tape. This is quite long as it designed for adults and children (on different sides) but is easy to cut to size for children. MSF have thousands of these and may be willing to let you have some.

I am just about to produce (for ACF) some numberless colour-banded tapes for children. I can easily (and cheaply) increase the production run.

Both of these tapes are three-slit wide tape models. If you want to see the designs, get in contact with the relevant people in MSF or ACF, discuss ordering, or to discuss a design and production run tho meet specific needs then contact me at:

removing the "magicthighs" (that is to present spam).

I hope this helps.

Bhargavi Rao

Manson Unit, MSF UK

Normal user

8 May 2017, 12:50

Hi Hatty,

My name is Bhargavi Rao from the Manson Unit (MSF UK) and your post was highlighted to me by some MSF colleagues. As Mark Myatt has said - the Manson Unit (part of MSF UK) has developed a two-sided MUAC strip suitable for adults and children (a uniMUAC). At present it is still being tested and I must stress that it is not offically endorsed or validated by the whole MSF movement. That said, initial standardisation tests have been excellent and we are planning for field trials presently.

Given it is still in a "research phase" - the strip we have is not commercially available but we would be very happy to just give you some if you will give us feedback on their use! Do email my colleague working on this project - if you would like more information and/or some uniMUAC strip.

Many thanks!

Ram Rai


Normal user

26 Jun 2017, 01:20

I have MUAC tapes available in WEST AFRICA at $0.3 each available within five days free of postage tax.

Ram Rai


Normal user

3 Aug 2020, 01:16

F / TRAD has adult and children's MUACS available in Niamey, and can be delivered anywhere. The unit cost is 0.5 US dollars or 300 CFA. NGOs such as GOAL, IRC, SAMARITANS PURSE are already our clients.




Normal user

18 May 2022, 17:16

I am a business and I need to get in touch with reliable people to buy 26 cm quality Muac with the 3 different colors Green, Yellow, Red at a much more moderate price.

With fast delivery

Alfred Zerfas

Founder - SingwithFred

Normal user

25 May 2022, 23:56

You could try Health Books International previously called TALC Teaching Aids at Low Cost.

These were the modified original tapes I provided to David Morley some decades ago

Anastacia Maluki


Normal user

26 May 2022, 08:24


I have enumerated adult  MUAC tapes though not colour coded ready for dispatch. If interested let me know.

Anonymous 41197


Normal user

28 Aug 2022, 14:46

I remind the members of the network of the availability of MUACs for children and adults in large quantities, our company has representation in several West African countries and mainly in Niamey, Bamako, ouagadougou, guinea conakry, ndjamena, yaoundé.

The price defies all competition, because less than a dollar unit contact:

Our supplier partner is in india. We can also put you in contact if you want logos on MUACs.

In all cases in West Africa the delivery time is one week maximum.

Ram Rai


Normal user

5 Jan 2023, 00:26

Hello dear nutritionist partners,

We would like to thank all the structures that have trusted us and that have ordered the MUACS with us since our announcement on this site.

We would like to inform you of the arrival of a new stock for any need.

prices remain unchanged with the possibility of quick delivery throughout Africa.


Anonymous 42312


Normal user

26 Feb 2024, 11:57


we can be reached at +22782469865


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