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Calculate acute malnutrition using SPSS

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Aschalew Kassahun

MEAL Specialist

Normal user

8 May 2017, 09:07

Hello Dears,

Please help. How can i calculate and interpret acute malnutrition using SPSS?

Please Note: Do note that i only wanted to use SPSS not other software.





Normal user

8 May 2017, 10:05

Package is available on WHO Website.

Bradley A. Woodruff


Technical expert

8 May 2017, 17:36

Dear Aschalew:

As Franck Alé has indicated, you can download from the WHO website the SPSS syntax to calculate anthropometric indices from your height/length, weight, age, and sex (see: Of course, you must replace all the variable names in the syntax with the variable names used in your dataset. But even after doing this, I have never gotten the syntax to run properly. I'm not sure why; I should investigate this further some day.

As an alternative, I use WHO Anthro (available on the same website) to calculate the indices, then copy these into my SPSS dataset. This requires a bit more manipulation, and you must take care to not change the order of records.

Good luck.

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