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Screening with referral for SAM but without referral for MAM?

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10 May 2017, 09:48


We have decided to couple General Food Distribution with Blanket. We are planning to inform SAM partners of this so that they can conduct anthro measurements and provide referral for SAM cases at the same time. However, given that we don't have MAM referral services in place, and competing resource issues, there will be no referral for MAM cases.

Additionally, we will only be contacting SAM partners to undertake anthro measurements, not MAM partners.

Just wanted to gain the thoughts of the community on this. While it may seem to pose the same ethical dilemma as the measurements without referral argument, it seems justified given that SAM treatment is life-saving and reduces overall mortality figures, where as the MAM treatment is basically to halt further effects associated with Malnutrition, both of the child and in long term development lens.

Moreover, our funders are not as keen about MAM support as they are SAM, given the results we've seen in intervention in the past.

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