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Comment faire contribuer davantage et mieux les collectivités territoriales décentralisées au mouvement SUN ?

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Directeur de la coopération Décentralisée/Ministèr

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15 Jul 2017, 16:51

John N. Madaliso

Provincial Nutrition Multisectoral Support Coordin

Normal user

24 Jul 2017, 06:38

Having worked and still working in nutrition sector as regard SUN and First 1000MCDP, the Local authorities (TCs) would appreciate if first they co-chaired the implementation with the central government (DCs).


Spécialiste en Nutrition

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25 Jul 2017, 07:11

Having strong state institutions up to the base is an asset for a country. For the case of Madagascar, nutrition councils at all levels are indispensable, for example, the Regional Council for Nutrition, the Communal Council for Nutrition, moreover, decrees already exist. Effective implementation should be the rule. Partnership development at all levels is a key issue. Moreover, the current problem arises at the level of organization and requires a charismatic leader to remedy the situation but until now the first responsible of the country is either a naïve visionary or a devoted antisocial so this personality will not be able to ensure the effective decentralization .

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