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Est-ce que vous utilisez l'outil C-MAMI version 1 (2015) ?

This question was posted the Management of small and nutritionally at risk infants under six months and their mothers (MAMI) forum area and has 3 replies.

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Nicki Connell

Emergency Nutrition Advisor, Save the Children

Normal user

9 Sep 2017, 14:27

Save the Children and GOAL are conducting an external evaluation of their C-MAMI Tool pilots that have been implemented in Bangladesh and Ethiopia since 2015. As part of the evaluation, our evaluation consultants would be interested to hear from anyone else who has used the C-MAMI Tool, or has plans to use the Tool in the near future? It doesn't have to be a comprehensive pilot, even just an attempt to fit it into current programming would be of interest or anything in between. Your inputs would contribute towards the C-MAMI Tool Version 2.

Many thanks in advance!

Katie Beck

Nutrition Specialist, Partners In Health

Normal user

14 Sep 2017, 17:16

Hi Nikki,

Thanks for your post. We are planning to begin implementation of a version of the CMAMI tool shortly in our outpatient clinic in Rwanda, which is a clinic for high-risk infants discharged from the neonatology ward at two district hospitals with conditions, such as prematurity, low birth weight, and HIE. I have been in contact with Marie from ENN and a little bit with some folks at LSHTM.

Would be happy to talk to you about this more! What's the best way of getting in touch?


ngakani nyongolo delvaux

nutritionniste. msf Hollande

Normal user

15 Sep 2017, 05:26

Thank you for paying close attention to my concern. I am waiting for this document which will serve me well for the care of our malnourished children that we take care of.

Dr. Hussein M. Aden


Normal user

21 Sep 2017, 15:04

Thank you very much for posting C-MAMI tool pilots. I am a consultant in nutrition interventions in my country with close collaboration in academia in designing nutrition curricula and would be very pleased to know how the C-MAMI tools work.

Dr. Hussein M. Aden
Consultant in Nutrition interventions

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