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Calcul des proportions de couverture

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Anonymous 14628

Normal user

21 Sep 2017, 18:41

Is it possible to calculate the total proportion of children diagnosed with SAM ( both by MUAC and Z-score) in a sample population after undertaking a mass screening when starting an IMAM program. below is a data for better understanding if it can be calculate. Total screened:120 , SAM admissions by MUAC-11, by Z-score-8, MAM admissions by MUAC-25, by z-score-18

Mark Myatt

Frequent user

22 Sep 2017, 13:25

The problem with this data is that SAM by MUAC and SAM by WHZ overlap so that
so you have some MUAC < 115 AND WHZ < -3 cases which are counted twice.

The degree of overlap varies from place to place as WHZ is affected by body shape. You probably need to have the three classes: MUAC < 115 mm ONLY, MUAC < 115 AND WHZ < -3, and WHZ <- 3 ONLY.

Anonymous 1578

Health officer -Save the children International

Normal user

22 Sep 2017, 21:57

Thank you Mark for your insights. What if there was no double counting during the data analysis .The data was arrived at using MUAC first for automatic admission into respective programs and the clients who had MUAC from 115mm to 124mm were first subjected to Z-score to see if they will meet criteria of OTP . Those who didn't meet the criteria were automatically admitted into SFP using MUAC and the same applied to those with MUAC 125 to 135mm being subjected to z-score for SFP admission. We had a challenge in calculation of percentage proportions as there were divergent views and no agreement reached as to which denominator should be used in calculating the proportions .

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