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Comment réduire la mortalité des cas de MAS en hospitalisation

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Anonymous 16208

Normal user

20 Oct 2017, 11:45

Hello members, I want to benefit from your experience by pointing out the action (s) required to reduce the mortality of severe acute malnutrition with complications at the hospital care centers. Thank you


senior officer Nutrition /save the children

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21 Oct 2017, 12:00

Ensure :
1- Proper case management ie both clinically and nutrition-wise, meaning giving the right medical care correctly and being very focused on what nutritional care we give in terms of quantity, mixing and timing and assessments. This can dramatically help to reduce the mortality rate within the hospital. However early case identification and referrals and massive awareness and health education should be key in our interventions. IYCF would do well in cutting down on malnutrition morbidity and mortality.


Forum Moderator, ENN

Forum moderator

10 Nov 2017, 09:22

From Mamadou Saidou Diallo:

First, there must be sufficient human resources
Quality human resources (doctor not only pediatrician but knowledgeable about Management of SAM)
A leader to uphold the SAM management protocol,
Hygiene in the service
An unwavering commitment to HR (rapid emergency management, regular monitoring, diet and drug administration at the appropriate times following the Protocol ....)

In this way you will reduce mortality of malnourished children.....

ngakani nyongolo delvaux

nutritionniste. msf Hollande

Normal user

14 Nov 2017, 15:25

to reduce the mortality rate in hospital care centers it is necessary to
1.nstaurate the intermediate beds
2.set up the SAP system
3. Implementation of the TETU
4.respect the protocol of the management of malnutrition
severe acute
5.tour of the room 2 times a day on the intermediate beds
6.Development of a self-evaluation system of the team responsible for the management of malnutrition

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