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Demande d'information: Interventions / Recherches en permaculture dans les pays en développement

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Elizabeth Westaway

Permaculture Association (Britain)

Normal user

30 Oct 2017, 16:09

Dear All

Permaculture, community resilience and nutrition

We are a group of researchers and practitioners working with the Permaculture Association (Britain) on best practices for design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of permaculture projects in emergency and development contexts of developing countries.

Permaculture is a design system for building sustainability in many sectors relevant to nutrition, such as agriculture, horticulture, livelihoods, health, forestry, ecology, aquaculture, water-sanitation-hygiene (WASH), disaster risk reduction (DRR), climate change resilience and food security. It has huge potential for increasing community resilience as well as improving food security, nutrition and health of populations in developing countries, especially by creating community-driven systems that provide continually increasing benefits over the medium to long-term. Consequently, it is very important to identify potential ways of strengthening permaculture interventions for greater impact.

We are, therefore, very interested in connecting with individuals/CSOs/NGOs/UN Agencies/universities working in developing countries that have already implemented, are planning to implement or are interested in permaculture interventions/research, to enable us to determine who is doing what where.

If you can kindly share contact details and a short description of your project and/or intentions, along with any relevant reports, information and websites, if you have any to share, that would be very much appreciated.

Once reviewed, we will then be in a better position to suggest some initial ideas for next steps, and will be able to share relevant information/connect with similar successful programmes/connect with interested organisations/people.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Elizabeth Westaway (Independent Public Health Nutrition consultant)

Anne-Marie Mayer (Independent Nutrition and Agriculture consultant)

Lachlan McKenzie (International Permaculture Education Network)

Giuseppe Di Giulio

Veterinary Services Professionals (private company

Normal user

7 Nov 2017, 18:03

M/s Permaculture,
thanks for your email. I am very interested in following-up your activity and I give my full availability.
I am a veterinary consultant/project manager, I have been working abroad since 1987 in several countries and projects. I am resident in Tanzania where I am working, on a private basis, with Tanzanian- Kenyan Maasai Communities. Very reentry we came up (after 2 year discussion) with resolutions (delegates representing 400,000 people) on the pastoralism, among them, how to handle droughts.
In order to have a better impact we set up an Association, Maasai Emergency (, that was endorsed to represent the Maasai community abroad
Please do not hesitate to contact me to get the resolutions and further information

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