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Prédire le nombre de cas

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Mark Myatt

Frequent user

9 Nov 2017, 09:28

Here is a new article on predicting the caseload of CMAM programs using previous and current caseloads, prevalence, coverage, and population data.

I hope someone finds this useful.

Boukary SORGHO

Field Coordinator at Médicos Del Mundo

Normal user

9 Nov 2017, 12:13

Thanks for sharing. We always face difficulties to estimate caseloads in Burkina Faso and still have difference between non government organizations and government's estimation. The article is useful.

ngakani nyongolo delvaux

nutritionniste. msf Hollande

Normal user

9 Nov 2017, 15:36

I sincerely think that if the difficulty persists, it is because, at one level, there are egoistic motives. Then, a good strategy requires daily reports with community relays, since the information then comes directly from the population. For that, a green number (phone number) could facilitate relaying reliable information by those involved in care.

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