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WFP is seeking 2 bilingual consultants for the Nutrition Rapid Response Team

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Sara Bernardini


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22 Nov 2017, 09:02

WFP is looking for two bilingual (English/French) Emergency Nutrition consultants for our Rapid Response Team (RRT) who will be deployable within 72 hours after VISA is obtained and will be on deployment an estimated 70-80% of their time. When not deployed, the RRT members will contribute to other workplan priorities of the Division’s Emergency Nutrition team. the duration of the assignment is 11 months.

The World Food program (WFP) is the world’s largest humanitarian agency implementing programs to fight hunger and is part of the global community working to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2, which includes ending malnutrition in all its forms by 2030. In particular, WFP facilitates access to appropriate nutritious foods for children aged 6-59 months and pregnant and lactating women (PLW) in order to prevent or treat malnutrition and thus makes a crucial contribution to saving lives and strengthening physical resilience to shocks in emergency-affected communities. WFP works with governments, UN partners (mostly UNICEF and UNHCR) and other international and national organizations to ensure a well-coordinated nutrition response.

The Nutrition Division at WFP Headquarters is seeking two full-time consultants to establish a Rapid Response Team (RRT) in order to support timely, appropriate and well-coordinated nutrition responses in emergencies. Members of the RRT may be called to respond to sudden-onset or slow-onset crises, to support scale-up, scale-down, and/or quality improvements and coordination in existing emergency nutrition programs. The RRT role intends to fill short-term capacity gaps until medium- to long-term solutions are found by Country Office. Each assignment is not expected to exceed three months on average.

Application If you are interested, please email your resume and cover letter with subject line “WFP Nutrition Rapid Response” to:

Nora Hobbs: and Allison Prather:

Deadline for application: 10 December, 2017.

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