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Performance of simplified MUAC classification devices with an improved design MUAC insertion tape

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Mark Myatt

Frequent user

22 Feb 2018, 14:05

Here is an article comparing the performance of different MUAC measurement / classification devices including the new universal MUAC (uniMUAC) design when used by mothers.

I hope this is of some use to someone.

Oscar Echeverri MD, ScD


Normal user

7 Jan 2019, 19:19

Dear Dr. Myatt: I published a research study on accuracy of new CIMDER tapes. The reference is " Echeverri O, Saravia J, & Hurtado H. New CIMDER measuring tapes for screening nutritional status in children less than 5 years of age. Nutrition Bulletin 2016; 41, 232-239. I am seeking a journal for publishing a new research study on comparing accuracy of new CIMDER tapes and the standard nutrition tape. It has been rejected by the WHO Bulletin, the Nutrition Bulletin and PAHO Journal with superficial explanations. I suppose that it is due to possible institutional nuisances with UNICEF who is the owner of the standard new MUAC tape. Do you have suggestions?

Mark Myatt

Frequent user

8 Jan 2019, 09:36

I think you may be trying to place the article in the wrong journals. Journals attached to the UN can be difficult to publish in unless you have someone "on the inside" to lobby for publication. It can even be difficult when the article is by UN employees or the article was commissioned by a UN agency with a view to publication in one of these journals. The process, in my experience can be very slow. These journals tend to be conservative and aligned with UN policies which can take a long time to change.

I think you should look to submitting the article to a different journal. For example, the Archives of Public Health has a policy of publishing articles on the use of MUAC.

BTW : The reference you give is behind a paywall. I think your work will have more impact if published using an open access paradigm.

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