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Research in WASH and Nutrition

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Winnie Alando

Nutrition Officer-County Government

Normal user

9 Apr 2018, 10:47

Is there anybody interested in doing research to help come up with WASH and Nutrition guidelines in Kenya



Normal user

9 Apr 2018, 23:04

I am interested in the study because I had to do my nutrition policies Masters on the subject of wash in nutrition in the Sahel.


Normal user

10 Apr 2018, 13:18

Hello winnie

I would very much be interested in taking part in this research as i have a background in both Nutrition and WASH.


Pierre Fourcassie

Regional WASH advisor, Save the Children ESA

Normal user

10 Apr 2018, 14:52

Hi Winnie. There are already several guidelines and case studies on WASH and Nut or WASH in Nut. And there are also studies showing WASH impact on addressing undernutrition -GAM or chronic, and other studies showing no or very limited impact. So yes most researcher I met (from the LSHTM or J Hopkins Univ) said there is a need for more robust RCT studies. What exactly is the research question you are thinking about? However if only for WASH and Nut guidelines I recommend to use the existing ones.
we can continue the exchange on email if you wish.

Leila Akinyi Odhiambo

PM, School and Adolescent Nutrition, Health Minist

Normal user

11 Apr 2018, 07:26

Dear Alando,

I work for the ministry of health in Kenya(Nutrition and Dietetics Unit) and we have already conducted trials in some counties on integrating WASH and Nutrition specially in school. It is however not clear on whose behalf you are inquiring. My question would be, are you aware of what is happening within country especially in the Ministry of Health. Kindly inbox me for more details. We have further developed WASH and Nutrition Communication materials for schools. Kindly also clarify which county you work for. I would be willing to engage and offer support

Winnie Alando

Nutrition Officer-County Government

Normal user

12 Apr 2018, 14:46

I am unable to get your email address,kindly send me a mail so that i can inbox you.My email

Cyne Jamaa

Clinical Nutritionist

Normal user

19 Apr 2018, 10:06

Hy leila Akinyi Odhiambo, i am unable to get your email and i would like to communicate with you. kindly get back to me through
Thank you

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