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Technical Support in Food Security and Nutrition Consultancy in Irish Aid

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Tamsin Walters

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18 Jan 2011, 10:21

The role of the Consultant for Food Security and Nutrition is to assist the Hunger Unit to advance the implementation of the SUN Road Map and to track the progress of the 1,000 Day initiative across Irish Aid Country Programmes. The Consultant for Food Security and Nutrition will provide technical input and support to the Hunger Unit and Ireland's Embassies and Missions to implement the recommendations of the Hunger Task Force and to respond to the 1,000 Days of Action to Scale Up Nutrition. The Consultant will work to deepen and/or develop Ireland's strategies to respond to the challenge of hunger, food insecurity and undernutrition across Irish Aid Programme Countries. A key requirement will be to build the capacity of Irish Aid staff to support the development of national country-based platforms to initiate 1,000 Days of Action to Scale Up Nutrition that promote food security for all, that are nutrition focussed, nutrition sensitive, and are nutrition specific as outlined in the SUN Road Map. Deadline for applications: 21st January 2011 For more information see:

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