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Cochrane Special Collection of systematic reviews: SAM & MAM

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Celeste Naude

Co-Director: Cochrane Nutrition

Normal user

24 Apr 2018, 10:27

Seeking inputs from humanitarian practitioners
Cochrane Special Collections bring together selected Cochrane systematic reviews and other external sources to provide a useful overview of systematic reviews on an important healthcare topic.
This Special Collection, created in conjunction with Evidence Aid, on the management and prevention of moderate and severe acute malnutrition in humanitarian emergencies, will aim to provide a resource of potentially applicable systematic reviews for decision-makers involved with humanitarian emergencies.

As a form of rapid consultation, we invite humanitarian practitioners to help us with judgements on potential applicability by completing a short survey of seven TRUE or FALSE statements. The statements are simplistic and may seem obvious, but this information from different perspectives, will help us with consistency and transparency in judgements. Please click on this link to access the short survey:
Please submit responses by 30 April 2018
With much appreciation

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