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Recruiting: TA consultancy to formulate social marketing and communication plan to promote rice fortification in Philippines

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22 May 2018, 17:06

PHL-04- Formulation of Social Marketing and Communication Plan to Promote Rice Fortification in Philippines

Overall objective
Support the formulation of an evidence-based social marketing and communications plan 2019-2022, in line with PPAN 2017-2022, to promote production and consumption of IFR in the Philippines.

Specific objectives
The specific objectives of the technical assistance are as follows:
1.In light of existing policy and programme landscape for rice fortification in the country, analyze current reach and disaggregate coverage data based on locale including rural/urban and province, municipality and barangay, and population groups, in terms of availability, accessibility, and utilization to understand the supply and demand gap.
2.Identify gaps in implementation of mandatory rice fortification law and ascertain factors that would promote fortification of rice, through consultations with national and sub-national level policy and decision makers.
3.Conduct social market research using qualitative methods to understand:
i. Knowledge, attitude and practice amongst the population in general and positive deviants, for purchase and consumption of IFR
ii. Media habits of consumers to assess reach and influence of different communication channels
iii. Factors that enable/hinder producers and suppliers for production and supply of IFR respectively
4.Design an evidence-based social marketing and communications plan 2019-2022 to promote production and consumption of IFR.
5.Garner stakeholder consensus for finalization of social marketing and communications plan.

This TA is expected to bring a significant contribution in strengthening the government’s efforts to promote rice fortification in the country. It is expected that this consultancy will lead to the following results:
1.Evidence generated through social market research validated by in-country stakeholders, utilized to enhance understanding on production and consumption patterns of IFR.
2.Social marketing and communication plan agreed upon for implementation by the government and other relevant stakeholders.

International is committed to gender equality. Consultants are required to indicate how they will ensure that gender equality considerations are included in the provision of TA including deliverables. Examples of integration of consideration for gender equality could include but are not limited to; ensuring government departments responsible for women are included wherever possible, gender sensitive indicators are included, emerging data is sex disaggregated, relevant documentation related to gender is reviewed and NI tools related to gender are used.

Duty Station/Location
The LC/all or some of the team members will be based out of Philippines for this assignment. The NNC will provide official work space to the consultants to hold joint discussions, meetings and reviews. The consultants can otherwise work from home.

The consultants are expected to undertake some travel to/within the country. All travel required under this consultancy will be provided for by NI and/or NNC/Govt. of the Philippines.

This TA support to the NNC will be for a period of nine months, starting from 01 September 2018 to 31 May 2019.

Profile/qualifications of Consultant
The Lead Consultant (LC) will be selected following a competitive recruitment process.

The team of consultants will possess assorted areas of expertise including food/rice fortification/food technology, development communication/social marketing/behavior change communications/ consumer behavior, market research/qualitative research and designing of communication materials/prototypes. The LC would be responsible for work completed by all team members.

Lead Consultant:
1.Doctoral or Post-graduate level qualifications in Development Communications/International Development/Economics/Statistics/Monitoring & Evaluation/Marketing/any other related field(s)
2.At least 10-12 years of technical experience in the fields of social marketing/market research/consumer behavior and research related to food/nutrition/health
3.Good knowledge of Government of Philippines nutrition, food fortification and health portfolio and programmes
4.Proven experience in planning/implementing social marketing activities
5.Proven experience of conducting social market/qualitative research
6.Experience of providing guidance for designing of communication materials, developing prototypes and their field testing
7.Proven experience of providing strategic policy advice and supporting the national/sub-national government(s) in developing communication plans/strategies or field based communication initiatives, preferably in the area of nutrition/health
8.Involvement in advocacy with the national government(s) and other relevant stakeholders
9.Proven experience in working with multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral working groups in national and/or international settings
10.Experience of budget estimation and tracking of expenditure
11.Experience in coordinating and managing a team of subject matter experts
12.Excellent analytical and communication skills
13.Demonstrated ability to deliver quality results within strict deadlines
14.Experience in managing national or international workshops/conferences

Other consultants:
1.Post-graduate level qualifications in Nutrition/ Food and Nutrition/ Food Science/ Food Technology/ Community Nutrition/ Public Health Nutrition/ Public Policy/ Public Health/any other related field(s)
2.At least 10 years of technical experience in the fields of food fortification/nutrition/public health policy and/or programme review/planning/monitoring
3.Excellent knowledge of Government of Philippines nutrition, food fortification and health portfolio and programmes
4.Advanced technical skills and experience in food fortification policy and programme review/formulation and/or supply chain assessment
5.Proven experience in all steps in programme cycle (design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation) of large-scale food fortification programmes with public health objectives
6.Experience of building capacities of government sectors and/or other partners on areas broadly related to food fortification
7.Proven experience in managing multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral working groups in national and/or international settings, particularly in the field of food fortification and/or nutrition
8.Excellent analytical and communication skills
9.Demonstrated ability to deliver quality results within strict deadlines
10.Experience in planning and organizing national or international workshops/conferences

Note: The team should consist of a graphic designer with experience in designing and developing prototypes of communication materials such as press kits, info graphics, posters, flyers, etc.

Language Skills
Fluency in written and spoken English and Tagalog is mandatory.

Application Process
Interested consultants are invited to submit the following by email to before close of business 10th June 2018, 17:30 EST (Ottawa, Canada).

•Up-to-date curriculum vitaes of all team members
•Technical proposal: not exceeding five pages, describing the consultant understanding of the task, proposed methodology, roles and responsibilities of each team member (clearly linking their expertise to the profile required) and detailed work plan that breaks down activities and outputs as per timeline.
•Financial proposal: including monthly/daily fee rate for each team member, suggested number of trips and any other expenses required to fulfill the terms of the consultancy (meetings, materials, etc.).

Kindly mention ‘Application for PHL-04 –Social marketing and communication plan to promote rice fortification’ in the subject line of the email.

Visit for the complete ToR.

Nutrition International is committed to the fundamental principles of equal employment opportunity. Women are encouraged to apply.

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