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Estimating 24-hour breastmilk volume

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Anonymous 13406


Normal user

20 Jun 2018, 13:37

I'd like to know whether there is a common method in estimating the amount of breastmilk consumed by 6-23 months old infants and young children apart from test-weighing? These children may have consumed solid food and other milks over the course of the recall day. Provided that I have data on 24-hr BF frequency obtained during the 24-hour recall, will it be of good use in the estimation? Many thanks for your help.

Alessandro Iellamo

Emergency Nutrition Adviser

Technical expert

20 Jun 2018, 14:48

Thanks for your email,

the amount really varies..depending on several factors, age ...(6-23 months) is quite a large and diverse age bracket...and certainly the current feeding practices on top of breastfeeding....but please find the link to some relevant reference that may Help you answer your question..or at least see how it has been done elsewhere

Bindi Borg

Normal user

22 Jun 2018, 10:40

Hi. I'd be interested to know how you're using the estimations of breastmilk consumption, and whether your research will become publicly available. Many thanks.

Florence Nabwire

Normal user

25 Jun 2018, 16:20

Deuterium dose-to-mother method is the most reliable techniques for assessing infant breastmilk intake. The method uses doubly labelled water and doesn't interfare with routine breastfeeding practices. More info available at

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